DNA Certified Savanna Herds

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Established in 2000, Pedigree International is the original registry for the Savanna goat on the North American continent.

DNA Certified Savanna Herds

  Pedigree International Certified DNA herds will produce DNA “parentage verified” offspring by UC Davis on all Savanna goats registered. This data will also be provided to Pedigree for representation on the certificate

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StateLast NameFirst NameHerd PrefixCityTelephoneEmailWebsite 
FLHughesLindaSOSEagle Lake863 604-4439 SandyOaksSavannas@gmail.comhttp://www.SandyOaksSavannas.com
INDunningRex & CharleneEOESAtlanta317 752-6224 rdunning@zigwireless.comhttp://www.eastofekinfarm.com
VABallifTrevor & Jamie JCB & SHKeswick434 531-1393jcballif44@aol.comhttp://www.sleepyhollowkikos.com