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Jason Dahl, South Dakota, makes metal hay feeders & creep gates.  He has generously donated a hay feeder to be auctioned off at the Spectacular.  We think many of you may be wishing you had one (or more).  We have asked Jason if he would be open to hauling some of his feeders and creep gates to our October 2018 event.  He agreed.  This is your chance to PRE ORDER as many hay feeders and /creep gates as Jason can haul and have them delivered to the Savanna Goat Spectacular. Let’s surprise Jason and FILL UP HIS TRAILER and YOURS!

Contact Jason directly at:     605 880-1354 . or


Hay Feeder Alone
                  Hay Feeders
4 FT $225 – 8 FT $325
Hay Feeder In Use


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