South African Savanna Media Kit !  

Business Cards- Note Cards-Auto Magnets
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Click  HERE to go to the webpage and experience your own personal PI Savanna Goats print shopBusiness Cards- Note Cards-Auto Magnets

Once on the home page of the ProShop you will be asked to CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  Then you may ENTER the site.
You will find Business Cards, Note Cards, and Auto Magnets offered.

Each item will allow you to type in your own personal contact information;  Farm Name, Your Name, Address/City State, Phone Number, eMail address, Website.  Pay attention as you fill in the fields, watch as it shows up on the sample product to the right. Thus, you can see how your ‘finished’ product is shaping up.  You can enter any data you choose in the fields. You can move the Phone and eMail around if you like simply by retyping your information in the various fields.

When you are finished filing in your contact information you click the box to review and order.  At that time it will show you  what your product is going to fully look like.

Approve and Pay.  Your items will be printed as you have directed and mailed directly to you.

It really is simple, so just hop right in and give it a test drive!  PI has arranged for special pricing for PI clients.  The Tri Fold Brochures are currently available only by contacting Paulette at  These brochures are a great way to introduce folks to the South African Savanna.  Staple your ‘coordinating’ business card to the back in the space provided.  Take the brochures to Ag events, put on bulletin boards feed stores, farm supplies, vet offices and more. They are priced so you can afford to give them freely.  100 brochures are $25 POSTPAID.  200 brochures are $35 POSTPAID 


Comments from happy clients’:

– “Nice, Classy, brochures. If you dream it you can Achieve It!”! (DB)

– “What an easy way for everyone to be able to advertise their business without the hassle of hiring a designer. It’s awesome to be Savanna Strong and Pedigree International Proud!” (AR)

– “These brochures are a great way to get a conversation and connection started on your Savanna’s! People really enjoyed reading the little bits of information about the breed and were open to talking about the Savanna’s!” (DS)

-This is a great site!! Easy to use, excellent pricing. Hard to decide what I wanted so I ordered everything available. Thank you Pedigree International! (AC)

-I just ordered my business cards … super, super easy!!!  Thank you so much for this great opportunity! (SY)

– #1 I love the idea of the business cards because all you need to add is your personal information and Voila!  #2 The flyers are great–educate yourself and then pass on the knowledge easily to prospective customers!   (CH)

– We just received our flyer order and are thrilled with the professional look, the information regarding the Savanna goats contained in the flyer and the top notch graphics. We also ordered the business cards and found the link to be user friendly and easy to navigate. Thank you, Pedigree International, for providing us with this additional tool for our Savanna Goat business. (RD)

-Just ordered my business cards to go with the brochures!  What an easy way to share the Savanna info.Thanks, (JQ)