Savanna Goat Special Show & Sale

Midwest Buck Sale





Missouri Buck Sale Savanna goat class

$30.00 entry fee
$30.00 jackpot (optional) 100% payback
10% commission
PO sale stock pays commission.
Transfer fees paid by seller
Savanna Judge is Josh Stephans

·      6 month – 1 year in age

·      1 year – 2 years in age

·      2 year and up

·      Group (three animals sold as a set)

·      Semen and embryos

All show entries must be available to sell. If you goat is “gated” it will not make the sale.

Sellers will be exhibiting animals that are guaranteed reproductively sound. You may consider having your buck’s semen tested prior to the sale.

All animals must be accompanied by a current health certificate.
All goats must have a scrapie tag

The age listed on the registration certificates will determine the class.

All animals with DNA recorded on their certificate must present a copy of the DNA report at the time of check in.

All animals entered must present a transferrable Pedigree International registration certificate.
A legible tattoo and or microchip must match what is displayed on the registration certificate.

Upon arrival you must provide to the show superintendent:
• The Original, embossed, transferable Pedigree International registration certificate (plus 4 copies for office use)
• The Original Certificate must be signed on the back by the seller/owner
• If the animal has a DNA report, then 4 copies are to be submitted
• Original health certificate and 2 copies
If your goats are microchipped please bring your reader.


All goats will be sifted for the sale by the judge. The sifting for all full blood (FB) bucks and FB and Purebred (PB) does will be based on the Australian Savanna Breed Standards which is used by Pedigree International. The percentage does will not be held to the hair color nor pigment part of the breeding standard but will be held to standard all other points. A copy of the Savanna Breed Standards can be found at www.

Eligible for show/sale: Registered Savanna FB bucks and FB does. Registered Purebred does (94% and up). Registered Percentage Does (less than 94%)
The sale order is determined by the judge.
The goats will not be show clipped. You may trim tail edges and the feathered hair above the hooves only.

You should trim hooves. You may oil horns and hooves.
Bathing animals is encouraged. (blow dry is suggested)

Goats do not need to be lead trained. They will be released without halter in the show ring for display.

Note to exhibitors:

• You may set up a small display outside of your pen. Brochures and business cards are suggested.
• Bedding chips will be for sale at the barn for $7 per bale. Hay / Straw is not permitted as bedding.
• Keep water, feeders and pen clean at all times.
• Night security is provided by the show/sale directors
• Be prepared to help with clean up.

Goats that PO or are Sifted out (gated) are not to be removed from the barn until released by the show/sale superintendent.

Superintendent has the right to remove any entries or exhibitors for any reason.


•       6 month – 1 year in age

•      1 year – 2 years in age

•     2 year and up

•    Group (three animals sold as a set)

•      Semen and embryos