Savanna Goat Spectacular 2018

Come Join Us!

Polk County Fairgrounds
4560 S 100th RD
Bolivar, MO 65613
October 12-14 • Bolivar, MO
The  PDFs below will give you the current information

Spectacular RSVP Form

Savanna Spectacular in a Nutshell   

Spectacular – Breeder Sponsorship Form

Spectacular Products Auction   


Pen Sale

Expect SPECTACULAR SURPRISES along the way.
Door Prizes – Fun Awards – Raffle – Swag -??

Door Prizes provided by: England Ranch, Reneau Farm, Valley Vet, Charlene Dunning of East of Ekin Farm, Karlia Dahl, 4D Livestock, Susan Young, Jan Quisenberry. Christine Baize,  . . . and . . .  your name can be added 🙂

Look for the above logos displayed on Savanna breeders FB pages and websites.
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Diamond Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor
England Ranch
Georage & Suzanne England
Wabash Hills Farm
Rob Morris
Double B Goat Farm
Rob & Donna Blankenship
Three Oaks Goats
Mike & Allison Rosauer
West Edge Goats
Jodi Lundberg
Reneau Goat Farm
Charles & Maritza Reneau
4D Livestock
Jason & Karlia Dahl
Sand Road Savannas
Christine Baize
Sandy Oaks Savannas
Linda Hughes & Greg Hall
South African Savannas
Gail Daniel & Donna Blankenship
Heiland Farms
Rochelle Boland & John Heilers
Heartland Savannas
Jason & Karlia Dahl
Barnhart Farms
John & Barbara Barnhart
PT Savanna Ranch
Bob & Ann Crouch
Texas Savannas
Larry Rutledge
Simpson's Hilltop Savannas
Michelle, Eric, Landon
East Of Ekin Farm
Rex & Charlene Dunning
Mac’s Savannas & Kikos
Delos & Lynette McKee
McKee Savannas
Delos & Lynette McKee
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I can not be in attendance for all three days?
A: Come for the days you can.  We will be happy to see you for whatever amount of time works for you and your schedule.  We are sure you will enjoy whatever time you can spend with us.

Q: What if I can not make it to the Spectacular event at all, but want to have my business cards, etc. given out?
A: You may still participate in the level of sponsorship that meets your need.  We will see that you are on the  banner, and your table, business cards, brochures (whatever meets the level of your sponsorship) is set up for you and that your farm/herd is represented.

Pen Sale:
Q: Can I bring a goat I have pre sold to deliver to my buyer?
A: Yes.  Be sure you have all health papers in order for both coming into Missouri AND going to your buyers home state.

Q: Will I be paying a commission on my sale?
A: No commission will be charged; however. there will be a charge per pen for pen use. Exact amount of pen fee is yet to be determined.  It will not be excessive.

Q: How large are the pens?
A: More specific information on this to follow. At present consider two kids per pen or one adult.

Q: Must I provide bedding?
A: No.  Bedding will be provided and is included in your pen fee.

Q: Must I reserve my pens in advance?
A: Yes. So we can have adequate bedding on hand. There are several pens available but space is limited to what is in the barn.

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning the pens after use.
A: The person that reserves the pen will be responsible for cleaning the pen. This means removing all bedding and placing it in the provided area and hosing down the pens and helping to leave the barn in SPARKLING condition.

Q: Do I need to bring rakes, brooms, shovel and cart?
A: We will have some cleaning equipment on hand. If you have room to bring a shovel, broom, rake etc that will help the job go faster.  Otherwise everyone will share the cleaning equipment that is on hand.

Q: What about buckets for water and feeders etc?
A: You will be responsible for all equipment, hay, feed etc. to care for your goat.  We will have hose available and there is water in the barn.