SGS Auction

Spectacular Auction
October 12-14, 2018

Savanna Goat Spectacular
Let The Games Begin

The auction is for ‘items’.  We will also have a PEN SALE for goats.

ITEM Donated ByAdditional Info / Photo
5 Straws GS Duke SemenJason & Karlia DahlGS Duke - Pedigree
Duke 1 photo
Duke 2 photo
4ft Metal Hay FeederJason & Karlia DahlHay Feeder
Hay Feeder In Use
One straw containing TWO frozen embryos.
Straw can be shipped to buyers facility,
or implantation can be done at B&D Genetics, Cherry Valley AR.
Shipping and implantation at buyers expense.
South African Savannas
Gail Daniel & Donna Blankenship
One straw containing TWO frozen embryos.
DLR D15 bred to GCS Samuel
2 Straws GCS Samuel SemenEast Of Ekin Farm
Rex & Charlene Dunning
GCS Samuel Pedigree
Samuel Photo / 4 yr / 240#
(update:53 months old 261 lbs)
2 Straw of EOE Havoc SemenEast Of Ekin Farm
Rex & Charlene Dunning
Havoc Pedigree
Havoc Growth Data
Havoc Photo / 17mos / 210# (update:25.5 months old 265.4 lbs)
2 Straws of EOE High Tower SemenEast Of Ekin Farm
Rex & Charlene Dunning
High Tower Pedigree
High Tower Growth Data
Photo to come shortly
(update:28 months old 236 lbs)
Karlia's Almost Famous Pecan PieHeartland Savannas
Karlia Dahl
One whole fresh 10 inch Pecan Pie.
Use your imagination and 'picture' the goodness:)
Live cover breeding to Mincey Goat Farm D77. PLUS board of doe up to 75 daysIndian Territory Farms
Glen & Marjorie Edwards
ITG D77 Pedigree
D77 Photo
Anatolian Shepherd Pup, Female, DOB 8/12/18, born and raised with working parents.Country LivestockPuppy!!!!!!!!
Gift Certificate from EZ ID for 25 microchips (value $177)EZ ID Micro Chips
Case Corelon Trapper knifeThe Oaks GoatsCase Corelon Trapper knife in colors only available at the Spurger Texas location. No two Corelon knives are the same. This gorgeous knife is engraved with Savanna Goat Spectacular 2018, truly making it a one of a kind keepsake!
(Photo to come)
25 micro chips EZ ID$177 value. 25 ct MicroChips Gift Certificate.
Electric Fence ChargerValley VetMark 8 Electric Fence Charger (photo)