Spectacular PEN SALE

Spectacular PEN SALE
October 12-14, 2018

Savanna Goat Spectacular

• This is not an auction.
• All sales will be private treaty.
• No commission will be taken on your sale.
• There will be a $45 pen fee.
• Pens are limited to first paid first held
• Night security will be provided.

Pens are assigned and held on a first paid first held basis.
A roster of participants and animals being brought will be listed as we move forward.
Space is limited. Reserve your space early.  We have already begun receiving pen reservations.

Breeder willing to haul livestock back.
Please contact them directly if you may have need of their services.


Want to Buy!

SELLERS!  We will post request as we get them.  This may make it
easier for you to decide what to bring.

WANTED:  wide framed Fullblood buck.  At least a year old and proven is a plus.  1-1 teat structure.

Delos McKee Elm Creek, NB308 856-4840

NOTE: More information will be added as we nail down the details.  Right now it looks like one adult goat per pen and perhaps two doelings / bucklings per pen.   Bucks can be brought and we will have more details as to how we will handle them later.

We will do our best to accommodate everyones needs. Due to the limited number of pens priority housing ‘ in the main goat barn’ will be given to goats that are FOR SALE.  Pre sold goats that are being brought for pickup/exchange may require housing in the adjoining barn.  Finial decisions will be made as we move forward. Please hang in there with us.  This event has become more popular than our wildest dream and we are  working on almost a daily basis to make it more and more SPECTACULAR!


Breeder / Seller# of Pens ReservedBringingFor Sale / Delivery
Indian Territory Farms
Glen & Marjorie Edwards
5To be announced
East of Ekin Farm
Rex Dunning
2To be announced
AmBush Farm2To be announced

Frequently Asked Questions

Pen Sale:
Q: Can I bring a goat I have pre sold to deliver to my buyer?
A: Yes.  Be sure you have all health papers in order for both coming into Missouri AND going to your buyers home state.

Q: Will I be paying a commission on my sale?
A: No commission will be charged; however. there will be a charge per pen for pen use. Exact amount of pen fee is yet to be determined.  It will not be excessive.

Q: How large are the pens?
A: 5ft deep and 4ft wide. 36 pens are about 3ft tall and 8 are 4ft tall. At present consider two kids per pen or one adult.

Q: Must I provide bedding?
A: No.  Bedding will be provided and is included in your pen fee.

Q: Must I reserve my pens in advance?
A: Yes. So we can have adequate bedding on hand. There are several pens available but space is limited to what is in the barn.

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning the pens after use.
A: The person that reserves the pen will be responsible for cleaning the pen. This means removing all bedding and placing it in the provided area and hosing down the pens and helping to leave the barn in SPARKLING condition.

Q: Do I need to bring rakes, brooms, shovel and cart?
A: We will have some cleaning equipment on hand. If you have room to bring a shovel, broom, rake etc that will help the job go faster.  Otherwise everyone will share the cleaning equipment that is on hand.

Q: What about buckets for water and feeders etc?
A: You will be responsible for all equipment, hay, feed etc. to care for your goat.  We will have hose available and there is water in the barn.

Q: Can I bring percentage goats?
A: Yes, Percentage as well as FB and Purebred goats are welcome.  All goats presented must be registered with Pedigree International prior to sale.

Q: If I plan to bring an adult buck can I keep him in my trailer and provide my own portable pen for him?
A: Yes. You may house your adult buck in your own trailer with secure portable panels to give him some outside space. Pen fees will still apply as we will be providing over night security.

Q: How far from the Motel is the fairground?
A: 8/10 mile. Maps is forthcoming.

Q: Can I park my stock trailer at the fairgrounds.
A: Yes

Q: If I am picking up pre purchased goats can I simply put them in my stock trailer rather then in one of the fairground pens?
A; Yes, that would be fine.  We ask that you would pay the cost of one pen to help offset our costs of providing night security for Friday and Saturday nights.

If you have specific questions or a special situation please contact Paulette at Pedigree@pedigreeinternational.com

As we get closer to October we provide a list of animals expected to be presented for sale.  We will also provide a listing of what buyers are looking for. This is YOUR opportunity to secure genetics from around the country.  Let us know what you need.