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TexMaster Goats

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State Last Name First Name Address City Telephone Email Website
AR Cotten Pat & Clark 32 Tybo Ln Damascus 501 679-4936 bendingtreeranch@cyberback.com http://www.bendingtreeranch.com
AR Haley Karen 1890 River Road Pottsville 479 970-2842 karenhaley2@gmail.com muddybottomsfarm.com
AR Porter Jessie 54 Buck Mountain Rd Dover 4793312043 theporterfamily@centurylink.net
IN Clark Marcy 300 W County Rd 580N North Vernon 812 350-5335 marcy.clark@hotmail.com
LA Meyers Rhett 16256 Million Dollar Rd Covington 985 264-7563 B36RJM@AOL.com
SC Clamp Kevin & Melanie 421 Shore Road Gilbert 803 447-8264 kandmgoatfarm@gmail.com www.kandmgoatfarm.com


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