Pedigree International

By maintaining several herd books for various species and breeds we allow you, the breeder, to preserve the bloodlines of existing breeds and track the genetics and ownership as these animals are bred, bought, and sold.

Each breeder is issued a herd prefix to be used in the tattooing and registration of the animals and their pedigrees. Breeders may request, to be assigned a specific herd prefix providing that a specific combination is still available. Keep in mind, registrations can be processed only after the breeder’s herd prefix is in place within our registry.

Pedigree registration certificates will be embossed with the Pedigree International seal to verify authenticity. As new species and breed herd books are added to our database we will be happy to work with the individuals ‘launching’ the new herd book to satisfy the necessary data and certificate design. If you have a unique, rare, new, or established breed we would be happy to discuss the possibility of developing a herd book registration program with you.

Pedigree International
statement of independent registry

Pedigree International is an independently held registry service. All certificates of registration and transfers are recorded and issued based on the information provided to Pedigree International by the applicant. All information from applications and other forms is accepted for documentation at face value. Pedigree International nor its owners accept liability or responsibility nor will they be held liable for damages for any inaccurate information furnished by the applicant/client. Pedigree International is not responsible to investigate or to further determine if the information provided on any given application or transfer is correct. Pedigree International reserves the right to decline clients without cause.

The submission of all applications or other work orders sent to Pedigree International is sent in by the client and accepted by Pedigree International with the understanding that the client is fully aware of the above statement.

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Established March 16, 2000 Pedigree International is the original registry for the Savanna goat in the USA. Pedigree International remains the largest database in North America for the Savanna goat. All breeders listed on the various Breeders Index are ACTUALLY current and active breeders as of the current year.

Pedigree International is here to serve the breeder of domestic livestock, composite sheep, goats, and rare or exotic animals. Pedigree is the original registry for the Savanna. We are the original and only registry for the TexMaster goats. We maintain herd books for several other breeds as well. Pedigree International also offers private farm pedigree services and additional USDA Scrapie pet and pack goat registration.