Electronic Animal Application

Save paper, money, energy and time.

Use the new Electronic Animal Application and Transfer process.

Download the application to your computer. Make sure you save it to your hard drive and then youy can fill it out with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and email it in. 

Open the downloaded application that is now on your desktop and fill out in Adobe Acrobat (not in the web browser window).

  • Using the eApp option, properly filled out, provides you with much faster processing of your applications. There are a few things to know to make the process flow smoothly through the system.
  • Applications with Advanced numbers must have the DNA Code filled in and DNA status selected (Genotype, Dam verified, Sire verified, Parent verified). INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS can not be processed or held over.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to sender for complication . NOTE: Advanced numbers are NOT required. You may submit your work without advanced numbers. You still need to provide your DNA case codes and copies of DNA report.
  • If you are using any DNA case codes other than the PED codes you must attach a copy of the DNA report with the application.
  • Once you have filled out the application FROM YOUR DESKTOP, SAVE IT and EMAIL to App@pedigreeinternational.com

Time Saving Tips

  1. Save application to your DESKTOP. (If you fill it out in the browser window it will not fully work on my end. DOWNLOAD to desktop and fill out in Adobe Acrobat)
  2. Fill in the top section with Breeder Information and SAVE
  3. Fill in the animal information (and transfer if applicable), SAVE AS
  4. Label the SAVE AS file with the animals name or ear tag number.
  5. Email the SAVE AS file to P.I.
  6. Place the SAVE AS file labeled with animal name in a pending folder.
  7. When you receive your printed certificates, delete the SAVE AS Animal Application that is in your pending folder.

Important To Know:

  1. When entering the Sire or Dams Registration PI Number use ONLY the FIVE digit number. No alpha characters.
  2. When entering the Microchip number use no spaces and no alpha characters. Numbers in line only. You can write Micro Chip in the tattoo fields or leave black. No other data please.
  3. When doing a transfer to your buyer on the application or on the hard copy certificate; you can locate the PI Breeder’s Number of any current and active PI Breeder by looking them up on the Breeders Index. If you are selling to a new customer that has not yet received their PI Breeder Number fill out all requested information and PI will generate a Non Client Breeder Number for them.
  4. When entering the Date of Birth use no alpha characters.
    IE: MM/DD/YYYY is the proper format.
  5. Your signature is not required when submitting via email. We can verify you by your email address. You do need to TYPE in your name and date.
  6. Animal Name. Do not enter your herd prefix. The system will generate that automatically by your breeders number.

Transfers From Certificates

You may now process transfers from a certificate with our new email submission process.

  1. Draw a solid line horizontally across the face of the certificate and write TRANSFER on the face of the certificate.
  2. Fill out the back of the certificate with the buyers information. BE SURE to write the registration number of the animal from the front to the back of the certificate. Without this we can not process.
  3. Scan both front and back. Attach both to the same email.
  4. PI will process the transfer and email you an invoice