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Two Ways To Pay! 

You can pay online or by check. Just select the option you want on the right.

Pay by Check

Simply select the appropriate form by clicking the button below; Download the PDF form, fill it out and send it in with your payment. 

Pay Online

To pay online, simply scroll down or click the button below to go to our online payment form. Your payment information is secured by Paypal but you can pay with a credit or debit card as well.

General Payment Information:

Note that online payments are higher than payment sent by mail with a check due to the service fees we incur for processing. For your convenience you can use credit cards to make payments through PayPal for your registrations, transfers, and annual fee. You can use PayPal’s service even if you do not have a PayPal account. All fees in US dollars.

Annual Fee

Renewals after 1/31 are considered ‘Late Renewals’
On time renewal: $36.75
Late renewal: $57.75

DNA Certified Herd Application: $36.75
Proven Performance Program Application $36.75

Work Requests

All Fees in US dollars

Registrations & Transfers

Registration under 24 months of age $15.75
Registration under 24 months of age with transfer request. $26.25

Registration over 24 months of age. $26.25
Registration over 24 months of age with transfer request. $36.75

Transfer on Back of Certificate    $10.50

Additional Data entered

Record DNA.    $3.15
Record NSIP (performance program). $3.15

Changes/Additions of data

Changes or additions to animal record /file:   $3.15
Reprint / Replace certificate (only current owner may request reprints): $10.50

RUSH SERVICE (Call ahead)

Registration: $21.00
Transfer: $15.75
Rush Processing: $26.25
Mailing per address: $12.60

Mailing service. To each address work is sent to $3.15 per address

Pay Current Balance

Invoice #. Total add convenience fee of 5%. Send PayPal payment to

Pay Online

Annual Fee. DNA & PPP Fees
Registrations & Transfers
Additional Data Entered
Changes/Additions Of Data and Reprints
Rush Service (Call ahead)

For special payments, you can enter the invoice or a note and the click the “Pay Now” button where you can then enter the amount you wish to pay. NOTE: Please add 5% to the total for all special payments to cover the online fees.

Invoice # or Note about this payment: