Genetic Material Policy

Pedigree International Semen policy

The below policy is required for anyone who desires to register goats with Pedigree International created with frozen semen. Confidentiality will be maintained. The current owner of a collected buck will have access to the collection information.

All previously collected semen:

If all straws on collected bucks are reported within 90 days of 1/1/21, semen will be “Grandfathered”. Grandfathered is defined as not having to adhere to the new policy requirements. The Grandfathering requirements are listed below:

REQUIREMENTS: Report the animal by PI registration number and name, with valid DNA case code. When possible, all DNA case codes will be affiliated with the PI DNA PED account. If the DNA case code is other than a PED code then verification that it has been affiliated with PI will be submitted that it has been linked to the PED account within the 30-day period. When available present collection report and/or bill of sale for semen.

All Semen Collected after 1/1/21

  1. All semen will be reported, and accompanied by buck name and a DNA case code. All DNA case codes will be affiliated with the PI DNA PED account at UC Davis. Case Codes that are not PED originated  should be affiliated by contacting UCDavis and requesting the affiliation.
  2. All semen collected by a non-owner of the buck must have a signed lease form on file with permission from the owner of the buck to collect semen.
  3. All semen purchased will be transferred by the seller, within 30 days of purchase. 
  4. Semen maybe increase its status by becoming Certified.  (meaning the DNA of the semen has been MATCHED back to the DNA on the live buck).
  5. All semen collected by the owner of the live buck must submit a collection report within 30 days of collection.
  6. All shared ownership of semen will be accompanied by a service memo.
  7. All offspring submitted for registry with Pedigree International that has been produced from genetic material must be (DNA parent verified by UC Davis (DNA-P).
  8. Each time a buck is collected the new collection report is to be filed with Pedigree International within 30 days of collection.
  9. Semen collected from a jointly owned buck will include a statement of division/ownership/sales rights for the straws.
  10. Semen information will only be available for lookup by the current owner of the live buck.

Frozen Embryos and Joint Venture ET projects

All frozen embryos offered for sale will be reported to Pedigree International. The embryos will be accompanied by the name, PI registration numbers, and DNA case codes for both Sire and Dam. All DNA case codes,  will be affiliated with the PI DNA PED account at UC Davis. If the embryos are the result of a joint venture project involving more than one owner, the ownership of the embryos shall be reported.