DNA Certified Herd Program

DNA Certified Herd

Why become a DNA-certified herd?

This is one of several exciting programs Pedigree International has to offer to breeders.

Many of our breeders raise other breeds, percentages, and commercial goats.  DNA provides a safety net for who the Sire and Dam are.  Giving the Seller and Buyer peace of mind they are safe from any future liability or incorrect registrations.

This program started in 2016 and is voluntary, however, it has gained notability among buyers and sellers alike.   There is a separate directory for DNA Certified herds on the Pedigree International website for future buyers to see a list of breeders to buy from with DNA in mind.

The majority of the breeders within the program report higher prices for DNA Parent verified stock.   If you chose to enter this program, to continue to support the integrity of the Savanna Breed click here to review the contract.