Frequently Asked Questions

What goats can be registered?

Pedigree International will register Fullblood, Purebred, and Percentage Savanna goats. The status of the Savanna is determined by the actual % of Savanna blood contributed to the offspring by the Sire and Dam.

Do I need a separate breeders account for each herd book?

No. Pedigree International breeders clients can use one account to register into as many herd books as we offer so long as you are using the same herd prefix in all herd books.

Who sets the breed standards?

Pedigree International does not set breed standards. The original breed standards for the Savanna goats are still being used and can be accessed from the navigation bar drop down menu.

What about off colored Savannas?

It should be noted that there is an incidence of solid color (IE: red heads, paints, or even solid red, brown, or other colors and shades) that will appear naturally in the Savanna goat about 2-5% of the time. This is due to the way the Savanna goat was developed from indigenous goats. A Savanna goat may also have or develop a “roan” of coloring in the torso of red, black or tan hairs; this is acceptable but should be worked at eleminating. These Savanna Goats that display an incidence of color (red head, paints, splash or patches of solid color or solid red or other solid colors or mixes of solid colors) may not be registered in the traditional North American Savanna herd book. The Savanna is a white goat.

How do I register Savanna goats that display color?

Fullblood Savanna goats that display color may be registered in the American Royal herd book. Percentage Savanna goats whose sire is registered in the North American Savanna herd book and show color may be registered in the North American Savanna herd book. It is not unusual for percentage Savanna goats show some color is the lower percentages.

Must I DNA my goat?

Pedigree International does not require DNA submission to register naturally bred Savannas. Pedigree International is recommending that its breeders consider verifying parentage with DNA of their top stock. The customer will ultimately be the one to decide if the extra expense is necessary. The policy for DNA when doing AI or ET programs can be viewed on the Savanna Policy page.

Will DNA tell me if I have a 100% Savanna?

No. DNA will only verify parentage of the submission sample. DNA cannot distinguish breeds apart from each other or various percentages that they could be.

How do I submit DNA?

The breeder will access the University of California at Davis via the website link. The breeder will submit the sample and the fee to UC-Davis. The report will be sent to the breeder. The breeder can forward a copy of the report with the registration application or send the report separately to Pedigree. The results of the DNA will be placed on the certificate and also stored on file with Pedigree International’s DNA database. The link for UC-Davis can be viewed here:

Is there a breed-up program?

Yes. The breeder can obtain purebred status by breeding up 4 generations to 15/16 for Does and 5 generations 31/32 for Bucks to gain the grade of “Purebred”. Purebred does and Purebred bucks will not be able to create Full-Blood Savannas.

America Royal Handbook

If a Savanna doe has two kids and one is all white and the other shows solid color should BOTH of them be registered in the American Royal Herdbook?

The one displaying color goes to the American Royal and the solid white goes to the North American Savanna Herdbook.

If a Savanna doe that is registered in the North American Herdbook gives birth to a kid that shows solid color must the dam and the kid both be placed into the American Royal Herdbook?

The kid will go to the American Royal and the dam will remain in the North American Savanna Herdbook.

Are there two different herdbooks for Savannas that show solid color; the American Royal and the American Colored Savanna Herdbook?

There is only one herdbook for Fullblood Savannas that show solid color and that is the American Royal Herdbook. Some breeders may choose to call their goats American Colored Savannas or simply Colored Savannas but they all go into the American Royal Herdbook and thus becomes an American Royal.

I have a FB Savanna doe that has a lot of red hairs on her. Do I move her to the American Royal Herdbook?

Roan color is when colored hair (red, blue, black etc) are dispersed among the white hairs) thus giving the goat shadows of color. Roan color is acceptable in the North American Savannal Herdbook but should eventually be eliminated from the breed by selective breeding.

I have some percentage Savanna kids that have solid color on them. They were sired by a solid white Fullblood Savanna buck that is registered in the North American Savanna Herdbook. Do I register them as American Royal?

Percentage offspring from a Fullblood Savanna buck that show color will remain in the North American Savanna Herdbook. It is expected that we will see some color show up in the lower percentage Savanna crosses. As breeders breed up to Purebred status we should be seeing less and less solid color.

Can i register percentage kids sired by an American Royal buck?

Yes. The American Royal Herdbook allows for a full breed up program just as all other PI Herdbooks do.