Know Your Registrar

I was first introduced to goats in my early teenage years, later acquiring two registered Nubian does for family milk production. This eventually increased to a 150 head of registered stock, operating as a commercial Grade A caprine diary. We shipped milk to Jackson-Mitchell in Arkansas with a full pipeline system that became a landmark event. Concurrently, we also ran a small herd of Angora goats.

In 1994, I purchased a fullblood Boer buck from New Zealand. This became the first step in transitioning away from the commercial dairy. Alan Balsam is a South African breeder that immigrated to Canada. In 1995, I purchased one buck and four does from Alan Balsam’s embryo program in Alberta. Alan imported top South African Boer goat embryos to Canada. Two years later, I worked a joint flush with Texan Ewing Downing (owner of famous Boer bucks to include Ubora, Pipeline, Doe Maker, and Tsjaka) which put me solid into the top tier of the Boer goat business.

Seeing the trend of the great growth of the Boer industry, I signed up for the first USA Boer judges training program. This was taught by South African Senior Judges, Bootie Malan and Phillip Henderson. I completed “Level 1” of the Judges Training course in Brownwood, Texas.

“Level two” of the program was taught in Kerrville, Tx. This was led by Lukas Berger, a top South African Boer Goat Senior judge and breeder. Completing this training under the senior South African judges, granted me the certificate to judge in the United States. It was a great privilege meeting and hosting senior SA judges in my home. This collaboration led to other SA Judges staying with me as they visited the USA. This gave me a unique opportunity to continue to hone my skills and develop my “eye” for goats.

In the early 2000s, I had a six year opportunity to participate as a judge for the online Boer Goat Show hosted by Keith Smith. This was the early development of the internet, with integration of goat training and show.

In March of 2000, due to my reputation in the Boer goat industry, I launched Pedigree International at the request of the original purchasers of Savanna goats from Jurgen Shultz. I continued to breed Boers until 2007, when I divested my herd as I felt there could be conflict of interest.

Now, 22 years later, I continue to champion the Savanna breed that I have become so fond of.