Tattoo Schedule

2009 Y
2010 Z
2011 A
2012 B
2013 C
2014 D
2015 E
2016 F
2017 G
2018 H
2019 J
2020 K
2021 L
2022 M
2023 N
2024 P
2025 R
2026 S
2027 T

The Letters I, O, Q and U are not used

All animals submitted for application are to be tattooed or  micro chipped PRIOR to that animal being submitted for registration.

The Breeders HERD PREFIX is to be tattooed in the animals RIGHT EAR.

The ANIMALS INDIVIDUAL identification number (consisting of the appropriate letter corresponding to the animals year of birth) along with a number (issued by the breeder) will be tattooed in the animals LEFT EAR.

IE: A goat born in 2010 would have the HERD PREFIX of the BREEDER in the RIGHT EAR and the Letter Z (plus that animals farm number) in the left ear. So the left ear of animals tattooed on any given farm could look something like: Z1, Z2, Z3 etc

Note: The BREEDER of any given animal is the person that OWNED the DAM of the animal at the time the goat to be registered was CONCEIVED.

Tattooing Tips

Start with a CLEAN EAR.

Be sure you have the correct numbers and letters in your tattoo tool ( make imprint on paper to double check).

Press digits into the inside of the animals ear – being careful to avoid hitting veins.

Using the GREEN roll on tattoo ink  (shake it up good as the pigment tends to settle over time) roll on a good amount of ink and using a soft cosmetic sponge rub the ink into the tattoo. NOTE: There is a white tattoo ink.  We have used it.  It fades.  Stick to the GREEN.

Repeat application of ink and rub it in again.

Apply the Green Roll On Tattoo Ink a third time but this time apply a half teaspoon of baking soda and rub the baking soda into the tattoo. The application of the baking soda will cause the tattoo to heal with RAISED digits that are easier to read.